Is where startups get ahead by having their product validated and tested by a network of corporates and their clients

Is where corporates stay ahead by getting involved in the building of startups that are disrupting their industry.

Dear startup

The biggest pitfall of any startup is building a product nobody is waiting for. Leaving you behind with a product without any customers.

Dear corporate

Startups are eating the world, including your enterprise. Your ex-employees and graduates are leaving you behind to go build the future of: HR, CRM, MARKETING, SALES

  • 10 Enterprise Startups - 25k
  • 4 Month building program
  • 5 Corporate Partners
  • Focus on validating the business cases of the startups inside big companies and with your clients

For startups

At you can not only test your assumptions, but build a product in collaboration with the people who will actually be using it. More than a few sales, this also guarantees many sales leads across our, and their, network. If you want to make sure your startup hits the ground running, this is the way to do it.

For corporate connects corporates with enterprise startups to build these new tools together and stay ahead of the curve. Equip your customers with the technology that caters to their needs. When your customers thrive, you thrive. If you want to make sure you stay ahead, this is the way to do it.
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